Why Choose FAA ?


  • Professional in the sport's field, established agents and highly technicians.


  • Professional mediators with proven experience that provide competent services for any situation.


  • "For a full and professional view of the football market FAA has expert marketing directors ready to helps international's teams and companies "







  • Law firm

Football Agents Academy offers orientation, bureaucratic and legal consulting to " solve any of your problem. Below you will find the official website to check on what they offer.

  • Fysiotherapist




Football Agents Academy  has the best fysiotherapist equipped with precision, dexterity and familiarity in use of technologies and tools for rehabilitation and care of the most widespread accidents in the football field. Availability to interpersonal relationship, ability to get in touch with the patient and sensitivity in dealing with complicated situations.




Contact Us

Sede legale Ruc 10423580874

Jr. Independencia 470, Cusco La Convencion  Peru

Via Mazzarello, 10100 Turin Italy

Tel.+39 3388674235

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